5 Great Places for Coffee and Studying in Appleton

It might as well be a proven scientific fact that there is just something about the ambiance of coffee shops that makes people more productive. It provides a steady, homely kind of feel with just the right amount of white noise – through the buzzing, fleeting conversations of strangers as well as the chitchat of baristas with their customers – and the delectable scent of freshly brewed coffee in the air all the time.

Appleton, of course, doesn’t disappoint – as such a quaint town can only offer coffee shops that fit the criteria just the same.

The Copper Rock Coffee Company, for one, offers some of the best food, gelato, and brews ever. Spacious and elegant, it is the perfect place to get some work done for a little while – sweet, precious undisturbed hours, especially for those creative minds out there – or even for old friends to just catch up and spend time with each other. They can be comfortably placed that everyone is just in quiet harmony with one another.

Something a bit more intimate can come in the way of Brewed Awakenings. Perfect for the get up-and-go types, their pastries and quick brews are ones that have saved the lives of more than one rushing partner, dashing to get home with something sweet and delectable for their significant other. Efficient service as well as a sufficient selection of treats and savory delights for any time of the day, this is definitely for those who don’t want any kind of hassle or fuss.

However, if you know your coffee – a trip to Acoca Coffee can be well worth the visit. These guys know their coffee and their beans so well that it might as well be a science because they have it down to a T. There is special, extra care with how they handle their brews and you can be made certain that each cup was made with lots of love. Friendly and efficient staff on hand, you can be certain of some of your best cups of joe from this joint, most definitely.

Something that definitely wows the masses is the stuff found in All Seasons Coffeehouse. A definite five star rating all around, this place offers some pretty ace delicacies and brews that are certain to impress – and have, with the way both locals and tourists alike praise it to the high heavens. Their pure love for the brew makes for a cup made in heaven and there is very little in the world that can compare to the joy of tasting one of their macaroons. If you want a quick treat for yourself, this coffee shop is definitely the place to be.

Lastly, however, is something for the more adventurous types who might need a little bit of something new in their lives. Basil Café certainly provides on that front with their interesting food choices as well as imported ideas, as they do specialize in Vietnamese and Thai cuisine.

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