Fighting Acne with Lasers

In order to have effective acne treatment, we must first understand what it is. Acne, or pimples, is a common skin condition that develops in tiny holes or pores in the skin. When the skin does not shed properly, it can plug up and block the pores, causing the oil (sebum) and bacteria to accumulate and cause inflammation. The blemish will become visible after two to three weeks, and this is what will become visible on the skin.

Acne is frequent in teenage adolescents, with about 90 percent suffering from the skin condition. Adults, however, can still suffer from acne, especially women who have breakouts during their menstrual periods. Acne is generally on the face, but it can affect the back, chest, upper arms and legs, shoulders, and even the scalp. The treatment can be difficult to determine, since not all people react to the treatments the same way. Traditional treatments often take time to work, and others cause side effects. Because acne affects the skin, it can cause physical and emotional scars.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment help treat acne by destroying the bacteria inside the blocked pores. The pulses of light can also help in shrinking the sebaceous glands, prohibiting the chances of future breakouts and it can even clear out acne scars and dark spots. IPL acne treatments are done in a medical spa, where it is generally administered by a licensed dermatologist, aesthetician or doctor. Because of the prevalence of IPL treatments for acne, it is important to go to a med spa that has the proper license and training to guarantee that the products and equipment are safe and effective, and that the people who will perform the procedure has the necessary skill to provide cautious treatment suitable for your skin type.

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